Saturday, July 12, 2008

El Refugio Updates

This post is for the computer users in the support group.  I will also be sending out a written letter to everyone who supported Brooke and I with an update of the Mission Trip to Ecuador.  Brooke and I had a wonderful time in Ecuador.  The area in which we served was beautiful.  The people were very gracious and we enjoyed sharing our lives with them for a short time.  Our team built a corral for the horses, hand-mixed and poured concrete for a new wall, and a new building.  Additionally, we cleaned out the pond and installed a new walkway from the drive to the dinning area.  Our time at the orphanage was very rewarding.  I wanted to bring one of the children back with me, but fortunately she was being adopted by an Ecuadorian family.  Her name is Emily and I would appreciate your prayers for her future.  The jungle was stunning with radiant beauty.  The waterfalls and surrounding nature were simply breathtaking.  The pace of life in Ecuador is very different than the Defcon 4 pace with which we seem to find ourselves living in here in the states. I will be traveling back to Ecuador next year and would invite you to accompany me on the trip.  If you are unable, please consider supporting our team once again.  I have posted two videos on Youtube.  You can find them by searching "El Refugio Part One, and El Refugio Part Two".  Part three will be uploaded in the future, so check back now and again.  Thank you to everyone who supported us with prayer and money.  I wish I could take everyone of you with me to El Refugio on the next trip.  Enjoy the attached pix and take a look at the videos on YouTube.

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